PEAK Relational Training System

3 Levels for Assessment and Training for Language and Cognitive Skills of Children Diagnosed with Autism using PEAK

“PEAK's Direct Training Module is the next generation of ABA Therapy”

Dr. Mark Dixon, BCBA-D

About the author

Dr. Mark Dixon, BCBA-D, Author of the PEAK Relational Training System

Dr. Mark R. Dixon has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for over a decade. He has published 6 books, 130 peer-reviewed publications, and presented over 400 research-based studies worldwide. Dr. Dixon has also generated approximately 2 million dollars in research funding to infuse behavioral treatments in schools, alternative education sites, and other facilities service those with autism or other developmental disabilities.


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What makes it great...

PEAK Relational Training System


From day 1, researchers across multiple universities have set out to directly test the reliability, validity, and effectiveness of the PEAK Relational Training System. Although there is still much more research to be done,  PEAK is one of the most extensively researched, ABA-based language training curricula available.


PEAK Relational Training System was developed so that it could be used by teachers, parents, caregivers, and behavior analysts. Although PEAK was created from behavior analytic foundations, instructions are written in a non-technical way so that everybody can understand.


Several training opportunities are offered each year, ranging from a comprehensive PEAK certification program, to conference presentations and poster displays of new data. 

PEAK ABA Relational Training in Action...

PEAK Relational Training System

The PEAK: Relational Training System is a comprehensive approach to ABA Therapy, which embraces traditional verbal behavior accounts of basic language and incorporates contemporary behavior analytic strategies for promoting relational responding (a broad repertoire of learning meaning through relations between stimuli) which are responsible for our ability understand and use abstract language.


Created in 2008

Created in the Spring of 2008, Mark R. Dixon in response to the growing need for a contemporary, comprehensive, and easy to use ABA assessment and treatment program for children and adults with autism and related conditions.

From 2008 to 2014

Over the next 6 years, PEAK evolved from a series of protocols that Dixon field tested throughout a handful of public school and clinical settings in Illinois, to a series of 4 books that each contained sections of the entire curriculum.

Public Release

Quickly after PEAK was released to the public, it became a leading language and cognitive training technology for use with this population, adopted by thousands of behavior analysts and school teachers worldwide. The commercial release was also accompanied by a handful of peer-reviewed scientific research studies that demonstrated PEAK’s potential as a reliable and valid assessment, and its potential for producing strong outcomes in persons with autism.

Most Recently

Most recently, an independent training and certification entity was eventually developed to ensure accurate training on PEAK and research groups unaffiliated with Dixon have been exploring the power of PEAK with several populations.

Some of the most prolific researchers of the PEAK system include Jordan Belisle, Caleb R. Stanley, Kyle Rowsey, and Autumn McKeel. These authors have all published multiple first-authored studies on PEAK, and this list is likely to grow along with the widespread use of PEAK to establish new, flexible skills in individuals with disabilities.


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