Certification of Proficiency

  • Training Provided: Three-hour Q and A webinar and competency scoring of programming for all four PEAK Modules.
  • Training Requirements:
    Completion of LEVEL 1 and –
    • Completion of a 3-hour Q and A webinar,
    • Submission of a completed PEAK Comprehensive Record Form, sample insurance authorization request OR assessment report, AND
    • Video verification of implementation competency of pre-assessments and programming from all 4 PEAK modules (2 programs from each module for a block of 10 or more trials – depending on program).
  • Prerequisites for Level 2 Certification: Level 1 completion and BA degree or higher
  • Performance for Certification: Attendance in Q and A webinar and passing score on remaining items by two independent Level 3 trainers.
  • Fee: $400 USD initial ($350 application fee and $50 annual fee), $50 USD/year maintain
  • Renewal: 2 years following initial approval. Must also verify attendance at PEAK related live or online 1 hour or more conference presentation or webinar during each 2-year cycle
  • Benefits: Individuals who obtain PEAK Level 2 certification have documented competency incorporating PEAK assessment results into treatment reports and implementation of PEAK programming. Individuals who obtain Level 2 certification may advertise themselves as PEAK Level 2 Certified and will be listed in a directory of PEAK Level 2 certified providers on the PEAK ABA Solutions website.

PEAK Level 2 Certification Checklist

  • Purchase the Level 2 Certification *Within 1 week of purchase, you will receive a welcome packet with: Level 2 Box folder, scenario to use for your Level 2 activities, directions for uploading Level 2 activities to the Box, and integrity checklists used to review the Level 2 activities
  • Attend One 3-hour Q and A session: Q and A sessions are offered bimonthly and announced via Facebook and the Level 1 email list. Attendance at 1 session is required for Level 2 certification. *Required prior to submitting treatment plan and videos.
  • Submit Treatment Plan on Box: using the scenario provided to you, create a fake treatment plan using your own template or the template provided and upload it to your box folder. *Refer to treatment plan integrity checklist for guidelines relating to the treatment plan
  • Submit Video of Programs: using the scenario provided to you, submit video of implementation of 2 programs from each module. *Refer to video integrity checklist for guidelines relating to the video requirements

*Level 2 submissions are reviewed on a rolling basis. Expected processing time is one-month from submission.